There are four PechaKucha Portland Events every year, typically in February, May, July and October. Sometimes our committee chooses an organizing theme in advance and calls for talks on that theme. Other times a theme emerges from the submissions, and we roll with it! Sometimes we partner with institutions or organizations for a PK Night, as we’ve done with MECA, for example. Here is a listing of past events, offering inspiration for more great things to come.

Portland PechaKucha Nights are a great way to get out and meet your neighbors from around the city and state. They are by definition fun and casual, with talks that are often entertaining, sometimes poignant, occasionally hilarious, and always eye-opening. PK Events are made for sparking new connections in the community, trading ideas, getting the word out about endeavors and informing the public of what’s come before and what’s possible… Step outside your normal encounters and taste something different. Join us for our next event!

Playlist of all Presentations