May 2015 at Asylum


PechaKucha Portland #31 on 5/21 at 7:20pm, doors at 6:30pm
121 Center St
Portland, ME
(207) 772-8274
$7 at the door, $5 students


Mike Libby of Insect Lab


Obeying the Urge to Form by David Levi
Learning to recognize and love form, which exists everywhere in nature, which gives life and meaning to our work, and which brings out the creative genius that exists within us all.

A Home that Wasn’t by Parivash Rohani
Revisiting your homeland after 35 years only to find that you no longer belong.

Forensic Photography: What the World Reveals with What is Left Behind by Joanne Arnold
Photographic images that raise questions about our behaviors, our intentions, our history and our future.

The Perfect Canvas by Robert Brochu
Street art is the way a city expresses its true self to the world.

Pin Hole Perception by Lisa Whited
Experience with a homemade camera, saltine crackers and viewing the future through a pinhole.

Artsy Darwin by Lucy Kilbreth
Art evolves in a way similar to living things, specifically dragons.

Collaborative Art Project: Playing Well with Others by Jacques Vesery
What do you get when you give 23 artists from 17 countries 14 days and some wood? World Peace!… Well, almost.

LOL Humanities: Finding Meaning in Social Media by Kate Webber
The unintentional education from social media and the many ways that the internet proves the humanities are still thriving — even in meme form.

Natural Tendencies by Rebekah Lowell
Illuminating the natural world through art.